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Departure with minimum two people
-Deluxe Hotel: Double $6,500.00 per/person, Single $7,350.00 per/person
-Super Deluxe Hotel: Double $7,500.00 per/person, Single $9,000.00 per/person

The philosophy of Cheong-Kwan-Jang Spa G is blended into the whole process and treatments in Cheong-Kwan-Jang Spa G.

Incentive Tours Korea has become one of the major venues for the International Incentive Tours. Rye Tour has been providing…

 Price per person Division (10-14) + 1T.L (15-19) + 1T.L (20-24) + 1T.L 25up + 1T.L Single charge 3 star Hotel USD1,310.00 USD1,090.00 USD1,000.00 USD910.00 USD28000 4 star Hotel USD1,460.00 USD1,190.00 USD1,100.00 USD1,100.00 USD350.00   Price includes -Hotels: 2 people sharing 1 room use basis Day city Hotel (3 star) Hotel (4 star) Day 1